Why does Botox bottle look empty?

Why does Botox bottle look empty

Did you receive your order and the vial you ordered are empty? You may think you received a fake product, but here in this post we will explain why it looks empty and how to reconstitute the toxin.

Why does Botox bottle look empty?

So if it’s your first time receiving toxins, don’t be surprised if your botox bottle appears empty. This is perfectly normal and is how it should look like. Look closely at the bottom of the vial and you will find a very fine white powder or transparent dry circles. This is because these types of toxins are vacuum dried and must be reconstituted with saline before they can be used.

There are 2 methods of producing vacuum dried toxins. In both manufacturing processes, the toxin is frozen and the ice is evaporated under low pressure. Let’s check both.

  1. Freeze-drying method

The freeze-drying process is based on the melting point of water. Some examples of brands using this method are Botulax, Liztox and Rentox.

white ring in the bottom of the vial.

2. Vacuum drying method

The vacuum drying process is based on the boiling point of water. Metox, Nabota, Neotox, Toxta, Wondertox and Ellelux are brands that use this manufacturing method. The toxin state of this type can be seen as dry transparent circles at the bottom of the vial. This is a second generation technology that does not leave powder residue.


How to reconstitute the toxin?

When you receive your products, it is strongly advised that you immediately place the botox vials in a refrigerator (preferably a medical refrigerator) with a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius (or 35.6-46.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Do not be concerned if the botox vials you received are warm or if they have been left outside. Toxins can survive for a few days or weeks in higher temperatures. The worst thing that can happen is that your toxing has no effect because the toxins may have died if left out in the heat for more than a week. So, once you’ve received the botox vials, try not to leave it out of the refrigerator for too long.

There are no set guidelines for reconstituting botox because it depends on the brand and the individual patient, but the procedure is fairly straightforward and can be replicated with most botulinum toxin brands.

If you look at the reconstitution chart in the brochure that came with your botox product, you’ll notice that there are different saline ratios that you can mix your toxin with.

This may be a little perplexing, and the dilution ratio is entirely dependent on the individual. Some people prefer their toxin to be stronger, while others prefer it to be more diluted; the amount of saline reconstituted with your toxin will determine the results.

It is recommended that first-timers use a high concentration of saline, especially if they are still quite young. The most common toxin dose is 2.5U per 0.1mL, which is comparable to the well-known Innotox product. That is, for any 100U product, dilute it with 4mL of saline.

Please keep in mind that this is only a guideline; depending on the individual and the toxins, different amounts of saline may be required for reconstitution.

To reconstitute the botox, use an insulin syringe with a 0.5 mil needle.

This syringe has numerical gradations ranging from 0 to 50, with each 10 representing 0.1 mil and each 0.1 of ml representing 5 units of botox, so from zero to 10 we can fill 5 units of botox, then from 10 to 20, 5 units more until we can fill 25 units of botox in 0.5ml syringe, so we will end up with 4 0.5ml syringes, each containing 25 units of the product.

Fill each of your syringes with 0.1ml of saline. Make sure the syringe is free of air bubbles. Open the vial cap and fill it with saline. You don’t have to inject the saline into the vial; simply insert the needle and the vacuum will draw the saline into the vial.

Do not shake the vial; instead, gently rotate it or swirl it to ensure that the toxin is mixed with the saline.

Your toxin is now ready for use. You only need to fill your syringes with the toxin that you prepared, and the rest is up to you. Some people fill only four syringes with 25 units each, while others prefer to spread their toxin across a large number of needles. Just to avoid being injected with a dull needle.

It is critical not to reconstitute your botulinum toxin until you are ready to use it because it should not be stored for more than 24 hours after reconstitution.

dilution botulinum toxin

Why does Botox bottle look empty?

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